When you have to choose allies

My rant for the day [and our times].

I believe we have a majority of citizens who were late to understand the dirty mess that has been going on in politics around elections in particular, but also in fake news growing _ since they were watching what they chose to tune in to. The educated got more so, at least to some areas, and the gullible more so. But there are rising up in response to the reality that has occurred awakenings to how much is not protected, how much they need to get out there in ways they can, and support groups like the ACLU Nationwide that know how to do this sort of work. They know they have to show the world what is going on, while it is possible, and do everything they can to prevent the shutdown of our free communications and due process systems.

I am seeing more people local groups get active and visible to me than ever before, while some are doing their best to operate in stealth to some extent. We are a nation of immigrants, but some of those who came early on were slaveholders and murderers of indigenous people. It has added to the present chaos that this has never been even half-way resolved. I totally see and support a new largest group ever forming – that where the highest level of concern aligns with everyone who is either indigenous, slave, immigrants at risk, immigrants who are refugees, or were in recent times, and everyone who aligns with us. I guarantee if we build the measurement pyramid this way, we come out far more of a collective power than the rest of this country – that I’d invite to join if they wish to ally.

This may sound radical, but in reality, it is imperative that people start really thinking about who they are – identity, identify with = inclusion.
I’d love the ideal of everyone being on the same team yay go USA, but it has been centuries of have/have not; black/white; power/powerless.

If the consciousness of collective power is realized, it will be because people understand and know that the group aligned by ideals, beliefs, values has every skill level in it to provide what is needed. It breaks down the current system that says white people have power, money, education, and some of the rest have some. IMHO


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