Why do I find new sites like this such a challenge? I wonder, is there any reason to use this site instead of what I already use?  How will this change my life? Is it going to transform something I presently do, help my words reach more who will benefit from reading them? Or am I simply using my time poorly? Distracting from the other projects so dearly needing my attention to thrive.

So this present moment, I am wondering – what happened to the “about me” and the lead line I wrote and clicked on save – but now do not see? What happened to the main photo? And do I want to learn gravator?  Why another system?

If I get to a place of more understanding, I know it will boost my personal confidence.  Only at the point that I can feel at home in this spot will my words be inspiring. But maybe someone else struggling here to settle in will take heart at my sharing of same.

May there be a collective community valuing creativity and expansion. I offer myself and others compassion in life’s basic daily challenges.

Namasté,  fireUrchin


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